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Welcome to the Ópusztaszer National Heritage Park!

The Ópusztaszer National Heritage Park as a national memorial has great importance in the Hungarian history. It is one of the most visited heritage locations, surrounded by wonderful nature.

Visitors do not come to the park only because of the Feszty Panorama anymore: the Park provides attractions for several days thanks to its sights, services and events. Participate in a historical time travel in the revived Heritage Park that offers valuable leisure time in the summer and now thanks to the developments also in winter time. The Park has a multifunctional Visitor Centre and four brand new exhibitions. The visitors can learn about the Hungarian history from the Settlement to the present day and the history of the Monastery of Szer present by 3D movies in the cinema in the Visitor Center.

The Szer’s medicine gardens and the House of Herbs, make it possible for you to gain insight into the world of medicinal herbs. In front of the new processing building, a historically accurate garden was created, which is similar to and based upon the plans that have been discovered of the original garden of the Benedictine monks. The Heritage Park also offers traditional, theme events beside the sights. Some of them present the folklore and the Hungarian history (Easter, Pentecost, St. Stephen’s Day, Grape harvest, Day of the Artisans, Christmas of Hungarians).

You are hereby cordially invited to a historical time travel!

Parts of the Heritage Park

Árpád monument

The Árpád monument built for the Millennium of the settlement is located in the heart of the Heritage Park and it is surrounded by the Historical Sculpture Park that honours the memory of the greatest of the Hungarian history.

Monastery of Szer

It can be evidenced that the oldest part of the Heritage Park is the onetime church and its monastery. A monastery was added to the church at the end of the 11th century that was built in the age of St. Stephen and this served as the centre of the region until the end of the 16th century. Due to the demolition caused by the troops of the Ottoman Empire the population left the area and the uninhibited buildings were destroyed by the lapse of time. The Szeri House of Herbs situated amongst the ruins of the Szer monastery and built in 2017. The herb garden and adjacent building pose an opportunity for the guests of the park to gain access to medical and botanical knowledge which previously only monks would have been privy to.

Feszty Panorama

The main museum building of the Heritage Park hosts the monumental work that was created for the Millennium of the Settlement in 1896. Árpád Feszty and his his co-artists created the painting with the title „The Arrival of the Hungarians” and it displays the historical moment when the settling Hungarians lead by Árpád conquer the Carpathian Basin.


The visitors can learn about several centuries of the Hungarian history in the permanent exhibitions on every day of the year: there are archaeological, numismatic, military history, anthropological, folklore/ clothing history exhibition rooms that provide an even more comprehensive picture of the Hungarian history.

The popular exhibitions present the age of the settlement, the Monastery of Szer, the history of the church and the town of Szer through the exciting world of archaeology and anthropology, furthermore visitors can also learn about how streets looked like in smaller and bigger towns around 1900.

The visitors can get familiar with the respective activities of the distinguished Hungarian explorers of the 19th century, they can learn about the marriages of the princesses of the Árpád dynasty and the visitors can even become a part of the Feszty Panorama dressed as Ruler Árpád.

With the help of the Historical Rendezvous the visitors can take a pictures with prominent historical personalities. Visitors can learn about the coinage of the age of the House of Árpád and experience the greatest Hungarian battles and also get a peek into the studio of Árpád FESZTY and behind the scenes of the story of the Panorama.

In the exhibition The History of the Szeged Paprika the authentic ethnographical and industrial objects introduce the visitor to the world of paprika cultivation, production and breeding of species. We call our visitor’s attention that an exhibition with a „Tangible past” title was made for visually impared people in the Visitor Centre and the „Bones of the past” anthropological exhibition and the „Not my table” exhibiton about the traditional crafts of the woodworking in the Cultural and Heritage Workshop are visited by after previous registration.


The Open-air Folklore Collection presents the lifestyle and folk architecture of the farms and towns of the Southern Great Hungarian Plain at the beginning of the 20th century. Visitors can take a look at the different real estate characteristics for the towns of the region. The houses are furnished with contemporary furniture.

The Heritage Park started to collect old agricultural machines in the 1980’s, the exhibition reflects the development of agricultural machinery in Hungary throughout the 20th century. Amongst the exhibited machines soil tillage equipment, seed drill, chopper, seed cleaner, thresher, tractor and steam locomotive are presented.

The House of Puszta is the environmental and nature protection training centre of the Ópusztaszer National Heritage Park that provides a meaningful leisure time for visitors interested in nature values, eco-tourism, environment-conscious lifestyle and bio farming.

The everyday life of the age of the settlement can be experienced in the Nomad Park: visitors can try archery, can learn about the contemporary processes of the wool elaboration and they can also try on the clothes of the age of the settlement in one of the yurts with contemporary arrangement.


The camping is in the close proximity of the Heritage Park and it is located in beautiful nature and offers perfect accommodation for families, groups of friends and student groups. The camping operates seasonally. Accommodation: apartments for 4 people, wooden houses for 2 people, sites for tents and mobile homes, yurts.

For further information and booking:
Phone: +36 30 153 5898 
E-mail: info@szericsarda.hu

During the 20-25 minutes show our colleagues present the most important weapons of the nomadic Hungarians: bow, different types of arrows, spear, sabre and the battle axe. We can recognise the terrific warfare of the nomadic people and their special horseback game the „buszkasi”. The keeping of the show is depends on the weather, the visitors can participate in the show at a charge of fee!

More informations:
Phone: +36 30 271 0423
E-mail: lovasbemutato6767@gmail.com

The visitors can taste the flavours of the old times in the Convenience store of the Ethnographical Collection while merchandise, traditional toys and publications can be shopped in the gift shops of the Round Church (Rotunda) and the Main Entrance. In the Szeri Herb Shop the visitors can buy herb teas, herbs and specialities made by local raisers. In the area of the Heritage Park several buffet working where the visitors can eat steaks,  hot meals.

Irrespective of the weather and the season, the Visitor centre ensures the comfort
and proper information of the visitors with the help of the state of the art technical
equipment. A conference hall, a café and temporary exhibitions are waiting for the
visitors around the year; furthermore this is a perfect venue for presentations,
company trainings, team buildings, camps and concerts. The visitors can learn about
the most important events of the Hungarian history and about the history of the
Monastery of Szer in the three-dimensional cinema by watching the animation
created with special effects while thanks to the modern technology the viewers can
become a part of the events as well. You can get some flyers at the information desk
or check the digital devices for more information. The Café Szeri with unique
atmosphere is waiting for the visitors with a great variety of products in a friendly
environment in the Visitor centre. Visually-impaired visitors can gain new experience
in the exhibition called „Tangible past” while handicapped visitors can enjoy the
exhibitions without any hindrance thanks to the accessibility measures.

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