Project identifier: HU07-0082-A2-2013
Project name: Old road to new paths
Project duration: 2016.05.06. - 2017.04.30.
Omplementation venue: H-6767 Ópusztaszer, Szoborkert 68.

The South-Plain region, as one of the largest regions in Hungary holds many natural and built treasures, thus nowdays, it only plays a small roll in the lives of the inhabitants. By demonstrating the real value of these multicultural elements and by the recognition of the historical and built values, we can build the ground basis for sustainability.In order to achive this goal, the preperation of the target groups is necessary. Joint goals shall be recognized, cultural values should be made accessable. This can be achived by providing not only access, but also taylored content, that enables this learning path.

Long term goals: to strenghthen rural community values, to preserve, maintain and restore the rural cultural heritage of Szer Monostry, with its landscape and in a socially integrated way. We wish to promote the experience based presentation of cultural heritage elements, while enhancing their accessibility for the broadest possible social groups. Building on community, with the support of local communities, strenghthening social cohesion can be achived. In order to achive the goals, we will restore Szer Monostry’s ruins in a complex approach by builidng an activity facility, where herb processing and drying unit, a plant garden and a store will provide the background for the interactive content development planned. Beside the facility, antient gardens will be restorated, where herbs will be grow, accoring to the written plans of St. Gellért. The herbs grown in the garden will provide the base for the interactive elements and community activties within the facility unit. In the demonstation sight, traditional rural lifestyle and to natural land use and landscape management will be visible with the support of non-formal pedagogical methods. To make the interactive tool-kit complex, e-formated leanring material will be developed, documentum movie will be made and many installations will be set up to show the content to the visitors. By co-operating with local ciliv, cultural organizations, our goal is to build real value and community. By involving volunteers into the development, we wish to start valunteer actions in the support of the new program. The designed new services are for differant target groups and are tailered to the specific needs. By developing both the visitor’s and the experts’ competencies, the development will be effective and will foster future cultural effect. Direct target group: Youth groups: competencies in the filed of cultur, community and sustainability are very important and should be developed. This target group is the most open for attitude change. Families: community building, strenghthening family ties is very important, since the pozitive attitude shemes are learned within the family Turists: thousands of turist visit the park, who will have access to competency develompent, will have an opportunity to learn about herbs, gardening and rural lyfestyle. This knowledge can be used at home in their own environments. 

Experte: trainers, teachers, experts working in the field of culture, who will benefit by receiving educational teaching material for non-formal sustainability related topics. Indirect target groups: turistical service providers, heritage organizations, sociaty in general. By joint co-operation of local manicipularies, parks, civil organizations, the comunity activities will also set an example to follow for the visitors as well.