The Buildings




November 01 - March 31: the Csete-Yurts are closed

A most eye-catching group of buildings in the Heritage Park, the so-called Csete-yurts were designed by György Csete, initiator of the Hungarian organic architecture movement, in cooperation with Jenő Dulánszky.

According to the characteristics of organic architecture, which combines modern style with traditional designs, these pavilions are open to the sky, much like the ancient yurts. The ornaments of the cupolas, the church-flags made by textile artist Ildikó Csete, and the motifs on the benches carved by István Nagy were inspired by the ornamental elements of metalworks from the period of the Hungarian conquest.



The Sequoia House

The cross-section of a giant sequoia tree

November 01 - March 31: the exhibition is closed

The Sequoia House built in 1998, resembles a crown. A cross-section of a giant sequoia tree from California is on display here, measuring a massive 6.3 m in diameter, and weighing 7.5 tons. The life of the tree may have started in 200 AD, and the tree-rings seen on the cross section now serve as markers of important dates in Hungarian history.