The main symbol of the Heritage Park

Az Árpád-emlékmű

Árpád Memorial

“…having had counsel and taken an oath from all his men, Duke Álmos while yet still living appointed his son, Árpád, as duke and leader, and he was called Árpád, duke of Hunguaria, and from Ung /Hungu/ all his warriors were called Hunguarians in the language of foreign nations /linguam alienigenarum/, and that name persists throughout the whole world up to now.” (Anonymus, about 1200)

Article VIII. of the statute of 1896 decreed that a memorial be erected to commemorate the thousandth anniversary of the establishment of the Hungarian state in Ópusztaszer (Scerii, Szer). The memorial was made by architect Gyula Berczik and sculptor Ede Kallós. The hundred-year-old statue of Chief Árpád was replaced with one created in 1997-98 by sculptor Károly Buzár. The original is on display in the Visitor Center.

Central element of the first Millennial assembly, the Árpád Memorial is a focal point of the yearly celebration aptly named “Feast of the Statue”. This festive event is meant to strengthen national identity and Christian heritage, marking a day of togetherness, patriotism and fidelity.

1896-ban készült fotó az emlékműről

Az eredeti Árpád-szobor a Rotundában